"Molina's ability to capture the essence of public meetings and boil hours of talk down to defining moments is the mark of a brilliant cinematographer and Truth Be Tolled is essential viewing for anyone who wants to understand how big money interests and government bureaucrats are hell bent on tolling Texas highways in spite of an overwhelming taxpayer opposition."
~ Douglas Kirk Canyon Lake Week/Bulverde Standard

"Local filmmaker William Molina has been at it again, pointing his camera at the gravity, the bravado, the incredulity, the smugness, the squirming and so many other performances that fill a toll-road debate that is bigger than Texas itself. Then he slices and dices. It's not good for the tollers. Molina doesn't like toll plans and how they're being pushed. So if you're a toll fan, you won't like this film. You might not be able to finish your popcorn. If you're dubious or angry about a wave of talk rolling across the nation to toll and privatize roads, you'll need the extra-large bag of popcorn."
~ Pat Driscoll S.A. Express-News

"This is an award winning film. The photography is the best of the best, and the film depicts so well, with great detail, the classic David and Goliath struggle. What an unbelievable story! A housewife, with all guns blazing, takes on the political establishment of a big and powerful state, Texas."
~ Don Dixon

"Your documentary was very heart touching to me. I viewed it last week and cried. I cried both tears of sadness and tears of anger."
~ Kenneth Powell

"Thank you for all of your hard work creating this well made film. My husband and I were at the Seguin and Floresville meeting; many of the grown men and women at the Floresville viewing could not contain their tears. Sadly people today must see something with their own eyes in order to fully believe it."
~ Amber & Fred Lyssy

"I sat and watched Truth Be Tolled with my mother and both of us were moved to tears by the end of the film. I want to thank everyone responsible for this documentary for their hard work and for fighting the good fight. I'm showing this film to as many people as I can, because there is absolutely no reason not to fight this ludicrous plan to take advantage of the American people. Thank you once again for a fine film."
~ Hollan Holmes

"I have screened your wonderful documentary with many audiences (in the last two counties numbering about 150 each) and many are ready now to join in the fight that remains for us. The film that you have crafted goes to the heart unlike any recitation of the facts about eminent domain, non-compete secret contracts, etc. Thank you for the gift that Truth Be Tolled represents to us and to generations to come."
~ Martha Estes

"Last week I was fortunate enough to view your documentary at one of the showings. You have made a most impressive work that is of the caliber to be shown on PBS Frontline and to be considered for an Academy Award…I am very serious in my commendation and I hope you are already pursuing such possibilities. I found your inclusion of the star wherever it appeared, as in our Lone Star, artistically masterful."
~ Jane Leatherman Van Praag

"We finally got to see your excellent documentary, we had 50 people show up in Bonham, TX to see it, all were very impressed and very appreciative for your fine work."
~ Don Brennecke

"Last night, I was not only stirred into experiencing the utmost disgust and dismay at the level of corruption discussed in the documentary, and the level of TXDOT's disingenuous charade of public hearings that merely served to be a "dog and pony show" for the sake of official records, but I was stirred into feeling impressed, heartened and touched by the genuine passion and love and care of all the individual activists, and local (elected) officials (mayors and aldermen) who stood up and said no."
~ Ingrid

"I thought this film was EXCELLENT! I wish everyone in Texas could see it before Tuesday's election."
~ Michael Badnarik

"Doc did a number on 75 plus residents of Richards Texas last night. The building was hot and kind of small for the crowd. When the credits were rolling I was thinking of how hot and long this wonderful group of mesmerized Texans sat watching this very powerful documentary. They did not make a move they wanted more! Many stood up the entire time. This was a night they and I will never forget."
~ Mark Holmes

"William H. Molina's documentary about the biggest game of grab ass since Bob Barker is a film every Texan should see. Only this isn't about a game and the heinous shenanigans taking place in Austin isn't about your heiny. No siree, Bob…it's about highway robbery.

When it comes to the Trans-Texas Corridor, Slick Rick Perry certainly thinks the price is right since he and his minions continue to defy the people, the law and any semblance of common decency. That's what under-the-table moohla will do. Yes, money, lots of money, potentially more money changing hands than at nickel night at the Bunny Ranch in Carson City.

Molina is an excellent filmmaker. The production values are top notch in all respects with the cinematography and music deserving special mention as they combine to make TRUTH BE TOLLED one of the most polished documentary films I've seen in a long, long time Mr. Michael Moore's offerings included. More importantly, Molina stays focused on the subject throughout, unlike Moore's ROGER AND ME or FARENHEIT 9/11.

The only negative, if there is one, concerns the redundancy among the grass root speakers at the various town hall meetings. Then again, some Texans, especially my neighbors in Comal County, need to be literally hit over the head to get the point."
~ Robert A. Nowotny

"Great movie. One of the best documentaries I have ever seen!"
~ Tory Watson

"I saw this film in Trinity, Texas - a chilling portrayal of "big government/business" This film needs to be on the Sundance Channel, IFC, etc… If the public saw it they would be outraged. Let me know if there is anything we can do to make this film more public - the rural communities affected are living in muted political silence. It would be disastrous for this film to be lauded for its content after the fact."
~ Craig Whealy

"There is not enough words to say thank you for your documentary on TTC, it has brought awareness to the public. The truth was told…"
~ Melvin Krahn

Voices Will Be Heard
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